lost + found cafe

What better place to begin than at a cafe of the same name?

lost + found

With a warm & welcoming smile, co-owner Salomeh Jalali diverts her attention from preparing my spinach & quinoa salad for a quick chat about how the name of her cafe came to be: boyfriend & co-owner Kane, ex-vagabond, was inspired by the locales he happened upon during his many years of travelling around the world.  Finding himself intermittently lost & found throughout his journeys, the phrase was tossed back and forth between the two, and inspiration made it’s way to fruition as the couple opened their own place of respite for the lost & found.  Situated in the Chelsea Inn building at 33 Hastings Street (across from Hastings Urban Farm, potential future supplier of fresh greens), the large space makes it easy to double as an arts gallery and performance space. Drop in on their next connection with the local community at one of the various events & fundraisers, all of which can be found on their website: http://www.lostandfoundcafe.com

P.S. My salad was truly yummy, but my dining partner’s hummus plate with pita chips + nuts + olives was dee-lish!

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