Walking back home on 10th Avenue, I passed a lovely house at the corner of Alberta Street whose residents were enjoying an afternoon on the porch.  They have a stunning Forsythia bush on their property.  These bright yellow flowers always stop me in my tracks & I’ve been coveting them for ages, always tempted but too respectful to take a clipping from every example that I happen upon.  Here I noticed that two of the bottom branches were broken, and I dared to engage the owner in conversation about this.  Before I’d even finished my plea, he said, “Please, help yourself.”

tree nest

Thankful & happy as a clam I continued my walk, gently holding the two branches, and then happened upon a man-made nest on a telephone pole outside of 125 West 10th.
Complete with egg-rocks!

Well, what man-made, egg-rock-filled- nest is complete without stunning Forsythia branches?

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