Is there anything better on a sunny Saturday than the hubbub of the farmer’s market?  I think nay.  Everyone is always cheery and sociable, the food trucks are full of ready-made deliciousness, and the farmers’ stalls inspire creativity with their wares.  And when groups like the Vancouver Tool Library and Trade School Vancouver are there, it’s extra special.  I met Chris Diplock of the Collective Research Group, and when asked what it is I’d like to share with members of my community, I rather excitedly declared, “Chickens!”  Oh how I long for a backyard to house a little chicken coop filled with feathered friends who will let me eat their undeveloped offspring.  I even have a book entitled, “How to Boil an Egg”, which gets back to the basics as well as offers up some new tricks.  I digress….

Guess who has backyard chickens?  Chris Diplock! who founded the Vancouver Tool Library after making a list of the all the tools he had to borrow from friends in order to build his backyard coop.  Now I am on my merry way to sharing chickens!  Life is good indeed.

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