found: keeper of treasures

wooden box

I found this little wooden box on a stroll around Kitsilano, and it now safely houses all the letters I’ve received from friends near and far.

Letter writing is a bit of a lost art these days, with texting and e-mailing dominating modes of communication.  A year or so ago I hunted down an old typewriter and began writing letters to friends across the pond, as well as right here in my own city.  There’s something about sitting down and putting ink to paper that really makes you pause, and quite often, the thoughts that come forth are different from those I would blast off in an e-mail.  And the glorious anticipation of a reply!  Goodness, all sorts of things could’ve happened in between the sending and the receiving, and once the reply is received the dance starts all over again!

There’s a lovely little place on Main Street which hosts Letter Writing Night once a month, and it draws quite a crowd on a Thursday eve.  The Regional Assembly of Text was founded by Brandy Fedoruk and Rebecca Ann Dolen in 2005.  Both graduates of Emily Carr University of Art & Design, these ladies have taken their passion for text and filled an entire store with it!  Letter press cards, buttons, stamps, notebooks… all filled or waiting to be filled with poetry & prose, or perhaps just a simple “Hello!”  Folks in Victoria are jumping for joy at the opening of their second location in that fine city as well.  Thanks for spreading the love, ladies!

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